My Corporate Story

Very few Digital Marketers can do what Arvind does; approach everything like an entrepreneur, start with rigorous audit, and provide customized Digital solutions that make your Digital budgets work really hard. His knowledge spans a very wide array of Digital Marketing domains, and has a different playbook for each client. I worked with Arvind in 2016 and witnessed transformational changes to our Ecommerce business, and I’d always dial out to him for Digital Marketing ROI!” 

Formerly Ecommerce Business Head – Education, Gaming and Customer Experience, Lenovo Asia Pacific 


I have known Arvind for several years now.  I have sought his expertise in running digital marketing initiatives for the businesses I have been advising. He brought fresh insights, pragmatic approach and partnered us while achieving our target metrics.  I continue to seek his expertise in the digital marketing space 

Sanjay Ramanujam – Executive Director (Ex), Zed Homes

My interactions with Arvind have been quite professional and I have seen him transcend several roles. My 1st interaction was when he was consulting Lenovo in Bangalore. Since then, I have seen him develop several solutions for the DM industry and his current directions are worthwhile. I am sure that all of you, who are going to work with him, will benefit greatly. My best wishes to him to help you further your dreams and goals

Abhishek – CEO, Home Chromosome

I’ve been working with Arvind for a month now and it has been a pleasure. He sees the good in people and is open to communication which led our partnership to success. What I am grateful most about Arvind is his wide knowledge in what he does, his PR is bringing good relationship with clients and I look forward to working with him again in the future. 

Christian – CEO and Founder of SULO Productions

Arvind is a multi-skilled, hard-working, sincere professional and a master of his crafts. He can deliver the solutions to even the most complicated business problems, contributing all the way from ideation, conceptualization, planning, execution to finally the delivery of results. At CRISIL, it was indeed a leader’s pride to manage Arvind and later it was a senior’s delight to watch him grow from strength to strength outside of CRISIL as well 

Akash Deep Jyoti – Chief Risk Officer, India Infradebt Limited

Arvind Srinivasan is an intrepid entrepreneur always inventing new outreach opportunity for a host of companies that aspire for excellence but are constrained by brand budgets. He offers simple down to earth solutions that go a long way to stretch sales potential for startup’s and growing companies 

Hariharan – Chairman (Ex), Zed Homes


Arvind has a wide breadth of knowledge in marketing. I remember he started email campaigns using traditional methods a decade ago when this concept was still emerging. In recent years he has harnessed his marketing strategies using digital trends. He explains hard to grasp concepts in simple terms. Most importantly, he is a good teacher, takes time to understand business needs and enjoys coaching others become successful. He shares resources and material to help others accomplish their goals, he is a selfless giver 

Jean Nesian – CEO, Genexod Technologies

My Training Story


Despite being the online mode, there was no compromise on the quality of education. Sir used to put in all his efforts to make sure we understood all the digital marketing concepts. Digital marketing being a practical course, we used to get relevant assignments which helped us in getting more clarity.

Ameesha – Student (SIBM, Bangalore)



Sir, the classes were handled very well. You cleared most of the doubts during lectures. Online classes can become very mundane, but you cracking jokes at times made it very lively. So all in all it was a good experience.

Rachna Srivastava – Student (SIBM, Bangalore)

Arvind sir has been a revolutionary knowledge and expertise in Digital Marketing. As his student, I always noticed that he predominantly emphasizes the epicenter of adding value to the prospect or client/customer that is indeed for the industry. I feel he’ll create a revolutionary digital ecosystem

Sudhir (DSIM)

Sir, I gained a lot of informative & advanced methods of digital marketing through Your classes. It was more realistic rather than theoretical. Which is used by everyone’s day to day life & many ways to reach the audience through advanced media.  Myself Being an entrepreneur, I’m using all the strategies in digital media which I’m using for my business enhancement. I feel thankful for your lecture & growth in my day to day lifestyle

Vijayshree (RSB)


Arvind sir has a great and unique style in training and guiding students in digital marketing. I really feel that he has great knowledge in this field. He used to concentrate more on practical classes rather than theory classes which is a great idea, as students gather more knowledge in practical classes rather than theory classes. He used to guide us by explaining many different examples. At last, He never hesitate is answering any queries

Nitish (RSB)