Setting Goals – Why & How

Goal, Setting Goals

Placebo-controlled analyses were conducted using repeated measures analyses with bonferroni corrections for multiple com Steps to enhance your career – 1st Goal: Finding your way

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The outlook to finding the right careers start quite early in your life and it is important that you think through all the alternatives available to you.


Your right choice of careers will aid you in taking the correct decisions that will ensure that you will not waste your energies unnecessarily.


Your iron-clad thoughts and actions are critical for your success, as you embark on this journey. Some strategies, as you go along this path…


Can you see the leader in the mirror?

An important element of your success is your SELF IMAGE i.e. how do you see yourself? It is a very pertinent question that needs to be answered quickly.


One of the major reasons that the PARETO PRINCIPLE works more when it comes to successful people is because of the reference to the past.


The challenge is that the past is filled with failures and you start keeping that as a benchmark and are scared to embark on anything new.


Can you see a different lifestyle?

You might be driving a TVS moped today or even a cycle. But can you envisage living a STUPENDOUS lifestyle? Maybe a million-dollar home or driving a S class Merc


It’s your thinking that determines your place or your transportation. It only requires a mind-set shift and all the good things of life will be at your feet.


You need to feel the goodness that these things can bring. It is the emotions behind these accomplishments that will aid you in achieving it.


Envisage an international business

As you start your career it will be a challenging ask to imagine something as huge as operating outside your local place. But all great people started with this mission.


Your growth is also a function of your environment and what you intend to do with it. The Bonsai tree is a classic example of limiting your capacities.


Did you know that any domain that you choose to work on has the bandwidth for you to operate in of the country of your choosing? Language will never be the barrier.


Harvest may be somewhere else – not necessarily at the place where you sow

There are three universal laws of Sowing and Reaping, which you need to keep in mind as you start working on your career viz.

1.       You reap WHAT you sow

2.       You reap MORE than what you sow

3.       You reap AFTER you sow


To understand better:

1.       You will not get positive if you FEED negative

2.       Your ROI (Return on Investment) is always high i.e., you invest 1, you will make 100

3.       You should not have the Maggie Noodles mindset. Understand all great leaders practiced DELAYED GRATIFICATION


These lessons are best understood, if you had been anywhere related to farming or related to farmers and agriculture. That’s the place, where these laws are seen practically.


Understand the concept of a DREAM TANK

Your Dream determines your destiny. You will put your heart and soul into the work, if you know what is that you want to achieve.


A Dream Tank is a concept that is basically based on the things that you would like to attain for yourself. This could be tangible assets or intangible elements.


The bigger, the Dream tank, the higher will be your efforts to achieve them. A simple example would be the brand of car that you would like to possess. The more expensive it is, the more work you have to do.


Work the hardest

There is no substitute for hard work. All the great people have one thing in common – they work the most and don’t complain about it.


It is not easy, but definitely worth it. The harder you work, the luckier you get!!


2nd Goal – Career Assessment


As you start exploring the various options available at your disposal for a lucrative career, you need to keep in mind, as to what makes you feel fulfilled.


Your attempt at reaching a satisfied life will be fraught with trials and tribulations and it is not going to be easy to achieve this.


However, if you stay focused and analyze your situations properly, you should be able to achieve reasonable success. We have given you some information around it…


Can you envisage a lake front home?

As you start building your career, one of the important aspects is that how would want a balance between your personal and professional life?


If you learn your skills properly, the talent that you have inside of you will help you leverage your current position to far greater heights.


One different aspect of creating wealth is called On-going income or Passive income. This kind of cash-flows are available to a host of business. Research them, properly.


Never got distracted till your goal is reached

One of the easiest things as you go ahead in your life is getting distracted easily. This has to be avoided with all your might, else you will not know the actual fruits of success.


There is a concept called Shiny Object Syndrome. In this situation, you end up doing things on an ephemeral or very un-involved basis.


This leads to dangerous situations and you end up being no-where and hence, you are not the part of the so called Winner’s Club


You have to lead people depending on their maturity

There will be situations in your career, where you will start leading a team and at that time, your EQ will be needed more than your IQ.


Sometimes it’s easy to get your focus off the team that is performing well as they might not be getting results, but are making all the efforts.


This is absolutely wrong approach of leadership as a true leader recognizes the potential before seeing the output and that is very critical to success of any team or organization.


Everyday work ethic leads to achieving monthly goals

Your short-term goals should have a monthly target and your chances of achieving them is based on what you are doing at this moment.


Your leaders in your domain might seem like a 90-day wonder, nut the actual story lies in their everyday sweat and blood, which sometimes you might not understand.


Monthly goals are referred as short-term goals which tend be more action oriented rather than result oriented. If it has the latter component, it is not a good goal-setting practice.


Help the new employee to eliminate fear

When you are getting in a fresher for your firm, it is quite natural that the new person might not feel totally comfortable and it is your responsibility that he/she is able to adapt in an easy manner.


The only thing that hinders any person to perform to their potential is the fear of unknown and it is your teams’ strategies that would ensure that this hurdle is passed comfortably.


One common mistake that you might end up doing is that you don’t set up the right expectations that can lead to a performance that is in tangent to your needs. Take care of that.


Leadership is taken – never given. That can only be done by influencing

This is a very important concept, when you are running your own business. Just look back on the days, where you respected your boss.


It would have hardly occurred if he/she was an intimidating or an irritating personality. Your respect for them would be because of the way they treated you.


Actions speak louder than words!! Remember that


3rd Goal – Career Guidance: A scientific direction


Your life is brilliant mix of the past, present and future. If you are able to just see the successes of the past and avoid the failure thoughts of the past, your future will be fantastic.


At Ignited Way, we would like to hand hold you and take you across the various chasms of life that you might not be too accustomed to handle.


At this transition point, it is very critical that you take care of all the aspects of a good life and do not over-look, one for the other.


Your career is a picture inside a picture

One big decision will not change your future, it’s a series of small decisions. It’s a very important concept in taking your life decisions.


Sometimes the benefit of a career is not seen immediately. The serendipities that accrue out of the direction that you choose can come at a later point in time.


The true value that accrues to others because of your efforts should impact the core of a person and just not the outer life.


An educated leader is never at the mercy of a theoretical observer

There are multitude of people who will start commenting on the path that you are attempting, if it is different from the normal course.


However, you have to keep reiterating to yourself that the path that you have chosen is beneficial, not just to you, but the entire society.


If you will observe keenly, you will realize that the financial benefit received by any person is the direct positive impact that they had on others.


If you have a passion, you never have to convince people

All great people in any chosen field are always fully committed to their cause and know that it is their calling and would do anything to achieve success.


If you are able to develop that inner fire in you, you will never be distracted by any other activities happening around you and you will be able to focus more than 100%.


Your passion is what will turn your mediocre, middle-class living into a life of significance that can impact a lot of lives around you and world-wide.


Learn how to handle yourself

One of the most challenging aspect of living a great life is the key trait of managing yourself in the face of any large adversity.


This one habit of keeping your composure can turn the tide in your favor, when everything happening currently is not indicative of that.


A great tool that can aid you in this attempt is that if you are able to develop the art of reading books. As its said All leaders are readers’.


Reject Me – I Love it!!

The great author, John Fuhrman wrote these immortal lines which is the title of his book. Unfortunately, the majority can’t take a few rejections.


That’s why you end up seeing most of them live a mediocre life, which is a bane of this society. If you are able to withstand the heat, a great life awaits you.


Every domain has a benchmark for rejections. When you start your career, you should be aware of this, so that you know that you are lining up for success.


What is your stock value?

Every day you wake up to the story of which company’s stock value has gone up? Have you ever looked back to think about yourself?


Warren Buffet might be able to analyze stocks and pick the right one. But one stock that can never depreciate is YOU!!


Take care of this stock and nurture it well. The ROI for this is going to be phenomenal.


Inspired Entrepreneur’s interventions


We understand the requirements and hence have developed a four-step approach that will aid you in becoming a name to be reckoned with


We have developed an integrated approach (A complete hand-holding format) that will aid you in attaining all the goals that you have set for yourself

  1. Conceptual understanding of running a DM agency: 3-day program
  2. Implementation strategies that will aid in ensuring that all the required loops are completed: 30-day program
  3. Training on cutting-edge tools that will aid you in the two most important aspects of business viz. TRAFFIC & CONVERSIONS
  4. Customized 1-to-1 session with me where I will be helping you though-out your journey


In addition to these interventions, we will also aid you in making your PERSONAL life a fulfilled one through BOOKS that can help you