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It’s a cliched term often said about you that YOU, that you had the potential to achieve greatness, but could not achieve it


Through this blog, Ignited Way endeavors to analyze the areas that direct your life and those that aid you achieve your full potential to reach your pinnacle and achieve greatness in all walks of your life.


The first orientation – What is your guiding beacon?

Your directions are a FOUR CORNER phenomena viz. Physical well-being; Psychological comfort, Surroundings and Attitude.


Physical well-being

A ten year old data states that about 20% of Indians are BPL (Below the poverty Line) families. Adding to this data, we can easily assume that at least 50% of Indians are struggling for the basic amenities. Mapping this data with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (which overcome these fundamental needs), then probably we could have seen a plethora of Mark Zuckerbergs or Michael Dells,. A decent combination of ‘roti, kapada aur makaan’ is the starting point of ensuring of living up to your potential


Psychological comfort

As rightly said by the great author, John Donne – “No man is an island”. Your orientation to achieve greatness is derived from your early stages of your life. Right from the day that you were in your mother’s womb, your mental mapping to others around you had started and unless this need was fulfilled properly, you will never be able to attain the summit of your ultimate success



How often during your growing days, you have heard your elders saying that ‘Don’t go with him/her’. But have how often have you been able to listen to a positive orientation like ‘Associate with him’. Just imagine, if you had been the neighbor of Virat Kohli and your elders were quick to spot that exceptional talent, probably you could have lived your dream!! It is always just one step way, where if you are able to make use of your environment, you can achieve great heights



From the review of the above three factors, it is abundantly clear that most of us have had great upbringing, adequate support and near perfect balance of school and enjoyment. Then, why is there still a yawning gap between what you can achieve and what you end up achieving. It boils down to one important factor – Your thought process and the way you look at things happening around you. That is what will determine your future.


The second orientation –  The Thought process

Psychologists say that before we turn 18, we have heard the word NO or YOU Can’t close to 18,000 times. Just visualize your mind to be a fresh land and every day, somebody comes and throws garbage in it. What will happen after a few days? Wont it start stinking. Now, you put up a board ‘5 STAR HOTEL COMING SOON’. The entire orientation changes. That exactly how you should set your mindset to. There are two ways to approach this

A Set thinking

In this approach, your mind is a well set and more concretized and you are unable to get beyond this thinking. If in your childhood, you were told

that you cannot speak well, you start developing a fear of speaking to a crowd and you will probably never excel in that field. Probably you could have been the best motivational speaker the world has seen so far.


A progressive approach

It is a perspective that sees how you can overcome an issue rather than wallowing in the present. It is more a forward looking direction rather


than a peek into the past.All great achievers in any field will let you know that FAILURE IS THE STEPPING STONE FOR SUCCESS. It is always a


situation where you will have to learn to succeed. Every great person who has achieved success will tell you that it was not easy, but the results 


were phenomenal and they did not start when everything was right


If age was the consideration, look to these stalwarts…. Col. Sander of KFC, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela. If experience was


the consideration, look this side…. Bhagat Singh, Subash Chandra Bose, Mark Zuckerberg


Assessing your strengths to find the right career


Career Assessment

Your satisfaction in life is based on what career you choose and how it fits into the overall environment’s milieu. Your success in any endeavor is


because of four key traits that you either inherit or develop. The four corner stones are your likings, inspiration, talents and your service


 mindset. This forms the core of any Career Assessment strategy


Top personalities or organizations make use of these directions. These include institutions catering to developmental 


ideas, therapistsrecruitment agencies, firm’s HR departments, trainers, rehab specialists, and supervisors. The main agenda is to aid you to 


taking educated career choices.


In USA, the National Defense Education Act of 1958, funded career guidance in schools. There are many such types of teaching institutes in 


India that have risen to the challenge of providing the right guidance to you when it comes to choosing the correct path


The method of assessing your career depends to a considerable extent on understanding your unique needs and your choice of career options


The mentors who are responsible for undertaking this activity need to appreciate these points and then suggest options for you.


Some collective ideas include:


·   Mechanism – The two strategies that can be used are qualitative and quantitative. The former direction aids in understanding your 


     preferences and likings, whereas the latter influences your cognitive thinking aiding you in setting measurable targets


·   Assessing traits – Assessments can be distinguished on the basis of understanding your characteristics. Some are only limited to 


    understanding your basic personalities, while the other end of spectrum could witness a mapping between your attributes and career options


·   Authenticity – Your individual assessments, sometimes lack the consistency and scientific approach which is needed for a full-growth analysis. 


    Few firms like Ignited Way have specialized in these areas that can aid you achieve your pinnacle. Some of the psychometric tests do not give 


    the desired output and unless there is a proper mentor who can aid you in analyzing the report and take the next proper step, it would be a 


    futile exercise and you would end up wasting significant part of your resources – both time and money


·   F2F discussion – One of the core elements of assessing your strengths should include a comprehensive discussion with a career counsellor 


   who understands, not just your strengths but also looks and assimilates, at a much deeper level, your dreams and aspirations. A proper 


    combination of these important parameters is what will help you achieve great heights


Some effective paybacks


1.       Your service orientation, capacity and abilities can be clearly understood through the Career Assessment tools.


2.       There are also mechanisms where you could do this exercise by yourself, but you would need a tutor to aid you.


3.       Your career choices will be in sync with your ambitions and endowments.


4.       These tests aid in giving lots of career options, enhance your satisfaction in career plan and improve your own perception





There are no statistical numbers as to what kind of job transitions your peers are doing. But there are clear indications that it is not a happy 


scene out there and the reasons are obvious.


It is well-known fact that the unhappiness in each person’s career varies due to several factors. But, the underlying story remains the same 


throughout, that there is a quite discontent among every domain. The exciting benefit of a proper career assessment is that it would give you 


the right directions and will aid you in achieving your summit – personally and professionally


There are other professionals like career analysts, career instructors and executive tutors who can assist you in achieving your dreams and goals.


A good book for reading: ‘What Color is Your Parachute’ by Richard Bolles


A few Success methods


Career Planning has various facets. Some key ideas have been adopted from the book – Stairway to Success by Nido Quebin (Part 1)




·        Create an exciting vision


·         A vision bypasses circumstances


·        Your vision is created in your mind. When you think about it, feel deeply about it and act in harmony with it, your vision will guide you to success




·         High achievers learn to integrate the creative and logical sides of the brain


·         Three key questions to be asked viz. What am I passionate about? What makes life worth living? What do I desire most strongly?


·         Acquire an education and you have crossed an important Rubicon


·         Crossing the Rubicon involves risk; but risk-taking is an important ingredient for success


·         We will either find a way or make one


Thought Process


·         Providence loves boldness and will assist you in ways you wouldn’t imagine


·         Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose – a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye


·         Important choices are those that move you towards your goal


·         Successful people do the dull and unglamorous that unsuccessful people are unwilling to do


·         The secret of balance is to know, when to be an ant and when to be a grasshopper


·         When someone you love, disappoints you, you cannot let the disappointment destroy you


·         Reputation is what others think of you whereas Self-Image is what you think of you


·         Networking is the difference between a star performer and a mediocre


·         You need to enhance your social skills that should aid you in achieving great heights


Overcoming obstacles


·         You are never a failure; you are just success waiting to happen


·         Patience is the balance between boldness and prudence


·         Success rarely comes to those who are expecting failures


·         No individual ever built a civilization


·         Key qualities of a winner – Ability to Inspire; Understand other’s perspectives; Stand up for what you believe in; Speak with passion


·         Find a cause that inspires you and stick to it


·         The spiritual dimension, if you believe in it, touches the core of your being


What it takes


·         It is only when you have different perspectives to your lives that you can overlook instant gratification


·         Hating people is like burning your own house to get rid of a rat


·         Life is a series of highs and lows and the measure of happiness is the plateau that lies between them


·         Pain and pleasure as part of positive stress


·         You won’t be able to eliminate negative stress because you don’t live in a perfect world


·         Morale lifting can be done through two major directions viz. Family closeness and relationship with supportive groups




·         Don’t think what is hard for you to master is impossible for man. Others have done it (Marcus Aurelius)


·         Nothing resists a human will that states its very existence upon the achievement of its purpose (Benjamin Disraeli)


·       There are half-a-dozen right answers to what needs to be done. Yet, when you make a risky and controversial choice of only one, you will achieve everything (Peter Drucker)


·         For all your days – prepare, When you are the anvil – bear, When you are the hammer – strike (Edwin Markham)


·         Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ America through invincible surmise and not calculated logic


·         “I have found that enthusiasm for work to be the most priceless ingredient in any recipe for success”

S. Goldwyn


Inspired Entrepreneur’s interventions


We understand the requirements and hence have developed a four-step approach that will aid you in becoming a name to be reckoned with


We have developed an integrated approach (A complete hand-holding format) that will aid you in attaining all the goals that you have set for yourself


  1. Conceptual understanding of running a DM agency: 3-day program
  2. Implementation strategies that will aid in ensuring that all the required loops are completed: 30-day program
  3. Training on cutting-edge tools that will aid you in the two most important aspects of business viz. TRAFFIC & CONVERSIONS
  4. Customized 1-to-1 session with me where I will be helping you though-out your journey


In addition to these interventions, we will also aid you in making your PERSONAL life a fulfilled one through BOOKS that can help you



Getting the right attitude