How To Create A Fantastic Digital Marketing Agency in 2020?

DM Agency in 2020

Most of the SMEs in India, today need to enhance their revenue without increasing their costs.

There are more than 4.2 crores units employing close to 10 crore Indians – This is the opportunity that you should be tapping into


Your Next Steps

Step 1 – Find a Mentor


Set Up

Inspired Entrepreneur's interventions

We understand the requirements and hence have developed a four-step approach that will aid you in becoming a name to be reckoned with

We have developed an integrated approach (A complete hand-holding format) that will aid you in attaining all the goals that you have set for yourself 

  1. Conceptual understanding of running a DM agency: 3-day program
  2. Implementation strategies that will aid in ensuring that all the required loops are completed: 30-day program
  3. Training on cutting-edge tools that will aid you in the two most important aspects of business viz. TRAFFIC & CONVERSIONS
  4. Customized 1-to-1 session with me where I will be helping you though-out your journey

In addition to these interventions, we will also aid you in making your PERSONAL life a fulfilled one through BOOKS that can help you

A Bonus

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2 thoughts on “How To Create A Fantastic Digital Marketing Agency in 2020?”

  1. Arvind did a great job in training the students enrolled for the Digital Marketing class. His training style was unique in the sense that he had a lot of practical experience and this added value (in addition to the theoretical aspects). Moreover, he displayed a lot of patience and was always ready to answer queries with a Duchenne smile.

  2. Arvind sir has a great and unique style in training and guiding students in digital marketing. I really feel that he has great knowledge in this field. He used to concentrate more on practical classes rather than theory classes which is a great idea, as students gather more knowledge in practical classes rather than theory classes. He used to guide us by explaining many different examples. At last, He never hesitate is answering any queries.

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