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Placebo-controlled analyses were conducted using repeated measures analyses with bonferroni corrections for multiple com Career Choices – Mission 1: Respect Your Inner Voice  

It is that stage of your life where you start to explore options for yourself so that you are able to satisfy everyone – that includes personal and professional growth.


The choice that you make now will be the determining factor for you, which will be the fulcrum of all your decisions in the future.


In this context, it is imperative that you align your thoughts in the direction of success as you will be presented with many options. Some thoughts to mull over…


Goals unlock your potential

One of the critical components of success, no matter whatever is your passion is this core element of growth. Any actions towards this orientation is worthwhile.


Your single minded focus and discipline towards attaining your ambitions are the corner stones of reaching the doors of success


All great stalwarts have achieved anything worth its name have had a laser kind of attention to details that has aided in this achievement.


Your inferiority complex – a very strong debilitating factor

The mediocre mindset is more dangerous than anything else in achieving the needed levels of success for you. Hence, you need to get out of that immediately.


As you go through life, you are filled with more negative situations than positive and so your brain, by default orients itself toward weakening thoughts rather than powerful ones.


To make yourself feel good, you need to ‘feed’ yourself with encouraging thoughts. This is like filling a glass with good water – automatically, the bad water goes out.


Clarify your values

As you start embarking on this journey, you will be faced with a barrage of rejections and questions and unless, you are clear, it would become a very challenging proposition.


Your ultimate vision will be clearly manifested only when you are able to remove the cobwebs around the empowering thoughts.


One of the core principles that you should imbibe is authenticity, because this one trait will aid you in achieving anything that you want.


Accept your belief and you will achieve it

Your childhood might have been around your family whose core belief would have been SECURITY and hence JOB would have been the choice.


However, your belief system might be different and the focus would have been FAMILY. Given this dichotomy, you might not be interested in a 9 to 5 routine.


If this is your orientation, go for it and do not worry about the consequences, as you will end up achieving something great.


The great Edison was labeled ‘mentally retarded’

When you set out to do something different, be ready for more brickbats than bouquets. The good news is that, when the bouquets come, it will be more than that you can handle.


People throw stones on ‘trees that have fruits’. So, if the majority is ridiculing you, you can be rest assured that you are on the right track.


You get up in the morning and follow the same routine that other follow, you can be sure that you WILL NOT succeed, but going against the tide at least is the starting point.


There is no cure for doubt and fear

Once you start on your journey, you will face all kinds of obstacles. But, if you start doubting yourself, no one can help you.


Your leaders who have achieved MASSIVE SUCCESS have faced massive failures. It would have been easy to give up, but they never did.


Your success is in your hands. GO FOR IT!!


Career Choices – Mission 2:  Raising your limits


Opting for the right career choice is an intricate as well as an exciting part of your life as this is the point at which you have to choose between two roads.


Ignited Way and your mentor has also gone through this path and the famous quote by the great poet, Robert Frost on ‘The Road Less Traveled’ has been the guiding light.


An important question is “What would be your direction, given the prevailing situation? Your answer will determine your future. Some principles that will aid you…


Use today wisely – Have a daily goal

A famous saying that ‘Yesterday is cancelled cheque, Tomorrow is a Promissory note, while today is the cash on hand’ is perfectly appropriate. Remember this and you will never waste a second.


Whatever goals you have, if you are able to break it down to daily activities, you will realize that it’s not so hard after all.


Let’s say that you wanted to reduce your weight by 15 kgs. If you give yourself 6 months for it, it basically boils down to just 8 grams/day. As its said ‘Inch by Inch, it’s a cinch’


Manage your time

Everyone has 24 hours. The UN president manages the WORLD in 24 hours. Bill Gates runs Microsoft in 24 hours. What is that you want to do?


You can never manage time, but you can manage yourself. One of the reasons that you might not end up in the top league of is your PROCRASTINATION.


One of the most unforgiving aspects of living a fulfilled life is that time once elapsed cannot be got back. Some good things in this world is replenish able, except time.


Law of attraction will work

A great scientific discovery is your propensity to get good things into your life. Sometimes, it looks so easy that you might wonder, how could it happen, so fast?


Whatever be your area of requirement, if you believe in any orientation that has positive thoughts aligned to it, you will achieve success.


All great leaders from varied domains – be it an author or financial planner, have used this law and achieved tremendous success – for themselves and others.


Never have a bad relation with anybody

When wealth is lost, nothing is lost, as it can be earned anytime. It just requires your will power and a different skill set to attain it.


When health is lost, something is lost, as it is determined by age as well as some predispositions that are not in your control.


But when CHARACTER IS LOST, everything is lost as it is like a bullet that has left the barrel of a gun that cannot be got back.


Get some happiness at home

When you start embarking on your journey to achieve good things for yourself, it is very easy to overlook the platform from where you started. Never do that.


When there is peace at your home, it is very easy to accomplish your tasks. That’s when you are make it HOME and not a HOUSE OF BRICKS.


A balanced career that ensures the completeness as mentioned by Zig Ziglar in ‘See you at the top’ is critical for your growth in career and life.


Build your character

It is very easy to defame someone, but very difficult to build it back and so you should be very careful about it. A story that illustrates this…


A grown up son ends up saying some bad things about his father and realizes his mistake. He goes to his father and apologizes.


His father plucks out a bunch of feathers from a cap and throws it in the garden, where there is a heavy breeze and tells his son “Pick up ALL the feathers”


The son understands his father’s actions. Never DEFAME anyone!!


Career Choices – Mission 3:  Taking the right steps


Your transition into the mature phase of your life will need a mentor who has treaded the path that you are about to embark on.


Your investment in right areas will aid you in taking decisions that are appropriate for you and your family requirements.


Your life’s endeavors should not be beneficial only to you, but others as well, who have decided to be part of your journey. Some ideas around a proper career growth is highlighted below…


Your life can change if you believe in your mentor

One of the well kept secrets of top leaders is their fall back option of a mentor whom they rely on for all their decisions.


If you want to achieve massive success in any of your efforts, it is imperative that you are able to identify an individual who can aid you.


The two important traits that this individual should possess is viz. he/she should have achieved what you are attempting and willing to take out time to train you.


Invest one hour every day to motivate your team

You will never be able to achieve all that you want – personal or professional, by your own personal efforts. You will need a team.


Your team needs to have a diversified strengths and only then, it is possible for it to achieve any goal that you have envisioned.


In order for the team to perform well, you need to spend a consistent amount of time, every day to ensure that they are motivated enough to put across their best foot.


Your achievements should change the lives of others.

If you will observe the successful people in your domain, you will realize that the benefit that is available to your leaders is not limited to them.


Most of the orientations of any efforts always has a positive impact on lots of people. Your financial success should also involve others’ success.


Irrespective of the area of work, you will notice that the great persons always worked towards improving others’ lives.


You have two options – Life of survival or Life of Significance

Every time, when you face situations in life, you can choose to just manage it or learn something from it. If you choose the latter, life will be at a different league.


Your learning should result in a proper implementation of all the solutions that you attempt to achieve for reaching your goals.


When you start implementing based on learning from your life as well as your mentor, you will start attaining levels of greater influence.


Life is like a game of chess board

Your every move has a very significant consequence. You will need to assimilate all your learnings so that the mistakes you might make should not have a huge negative impact.


Every, now and then you should be willing to sacrifice a pawn to capture the opponent’s king. It is akin to losing the battle, but winning the war.


Your strategies might look like an amateurish move to the uninitiated, but the expert will immediately recognize that your moves are resulting in a great victory for you.


Life skills are the key

An interesting story that highlights the above fact. A scholar and boatman were crossing the river. The scholar kept asking very smart questions, for which the latter did not have an answer.


The scholar kept on saying after every question that “You have lost X% of your life” and the number kept on increasing.


At one stage, the boat capsized and only the people like the boatman who knew swimming could survive. The boatman asked the scholar – “Do you know swimming?” The scholar said “No”


The boatman said to the scholar “You have lost 100% of your life”


Inspired Entrepreneur’s interventions


We understand the requirements and hence have developed a four-step approach that will aid you in becoming a name to be reckoned with


We have developed an integrated approach (A complete hand-holding format) that will aid you in attaining all the goals that you have set for yourself

  1. Conceptual understanding of running a DM agency: 3-day program
  2. Implementation strategies that will aid in ensuring that all the required loops are completed: 30-day program
  3. Training on cutting-edge tools that will aid you in the two most important aspects of business viz. TRAFFIC & CONVERSIONS
  4. Customized 1-to-1 session with me where I will be helping you though-out your journey


In addition to these interventions, we will also aid you in making your PERSONAL life a fulfilled one through BOOKS that can help you



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